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Le produit 57 de 60 de catégorie Haute fluoro fart de glisse

fart de glisse Rex HF11 jaune +2°C...-2°C, 40 g

For new and old snow. The softest wax on HF -series. Compared to traditional warm condition HF gliders, the HF11 is relatively hard and not so oily wax. Easy to apply and extremely dirt repellent.

New and even faster line-up of five high-fluor gliders.

These waxes debuted in extremely popular Racing Service Line. The HF11, HF21, HF21 Graphite and HF31 waxes really proved their performance in races, and have now earned their place as the successor to the previous Rex HF line. Enhanced formulas and new raw material discoveries have made them the leading glide wax line available. The research and development of the new HF series began in collaboration with the Finnish National XC Ski team with a common goal: to make ultimate HF gliders for Sochi Olympics. Rex started with a blank canvas and completely new raw materials, and made 25 different test waxes that were tested with over 8.000 test runs in different conditions. Only the four best waxes for each temperature range were chosen for production. The new HF series is the new generation of Rex gliders.


  • All of the waxes are relatively hard, but their melting point is low comparet to their hardness (130-140°C)
  • Melt with an iron to a clean ski base
  • Scrape when the wax is still warm
  • Let cool down and brush lightly with a brass or natural brush
  • Finish with a nylon brush

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