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Easy Grip
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 Rapid Quick Grip

Liquid grip waxes from Rex are an easy way to get proper grip for your skis for any snow and temperature condition. Grip wax is long lasting so even a thin layer is enough to provide good performance. Rex Rapid Quick Grips are simply to use. Apply Instant Grip with the foam applicator of the tube and let dry 10-15 minutes. We recommend this series for both the active and recreational skier as an alternative to traditional grip waxes.

Easy Grip Paper Strip Wax

Rex Easy Grip ski waxes are a new, clean and simple way to apply the right amount of glide and grip waxes on ski bases. Because the wax is applied by using heat it absorbs well into the base and lasts longer. Easy wax line is developed for active and recreational skier. Easy wax application does not require any experience, just choose a wax according to prevailing conditions, wax and go skiing.

Rex TapeGRIP - A proven success!

The Rex TapeGRIP is a radically new and easy way to wax skis. The wax is suitable for all conditions and will last up to hundreds of kilometerss depending on the snow conditions.

The components of Tape Grip perform "intelligently" to provide superior grip and glide in all conditions. The core elastomer reacts to the force of the kick maximizing the coefficient of friction to improve the grip. In the glide phase the pressure decreases as will the coefficient of friction improving the glide. In addition the thermoplastic wax reacts to the temperature adjusting the hardness to prevailing  conditions.

The Universal tape is great for all conditions. The Cold version is excellent for newly fallen cold snow providing excellent glide.

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 Grip wax Vauhti GF369 Pikapito Plus + 10°...-1°C (50°...30°F), 80ml   Vauhti Speed Oy   Grip wax Vauhti GF369 Pikapito Plus + 10°...-1°C (50°...30°F), 80ml   13.50EUR  Buy Now 
 Grip wax Vauhti SP712 Spray Minus -2°…-20°C (28°…-4°F), 95ml   Vauhti Speed Oy   Grip wax Vauhti SP712 Spray Minus -2°…-20°C (28°…-4°F), 95ml   12.95EUR  Buy Now 
 Rex Rapid Grip Blue -2°C...-8°C, 60ml   Rex   Rex Rapid Grip Blue -2°C...-8°C, 60ml   8.70EUR  7.99EUR  Buy Now 
 Rex Rapid Grip Green -8°C...-20°C, 60ml   Rex   Rex Rapid Grip Green -8°C...-20°C, 60ml   8.70EUR  7.99EUR  Buy Now 
 Rex Rapid Grip Purple +2°C...-2°C, 60ml   Rex   Rex Rapid Grip Purple +2°C...-2°C, 60ml   8.70EUR  7.99EUR  Buy Now 
 Rex Rapid Grip Universal +0°C...-20°C, 60ml   Rex   Rex Rapid Grip Universal +0°C...-20°C, 60ml   8.70EUR  7.99EUR  Buy Now 
 Rex Spray Grip Blue -4°C...-20°C, 95ml   Rex   Rex Spray Grip Blue -4°C...-20°C, 95ml   12.90EUR  Buy Now 
 Rex Spray Grip Red +3°C...-4°C, 95ml   Rex   Rex Spray Grip Red +3°C...-4°C, 95ml   12.90EUR  Buy Now 
 Rex Spray Universal Klister +10°C...-10°C, 95ml   Rex   Rex Spray Universal Klister +10°C...-10°C, 95ml   12.90EUR  Buy Now 
 Rex Tape Grip Blue (Cold) -4°C...-25°C, 2x5 m   Rex   Rex Tape Grip Blue (Cold) -4°C...-25°C, 2x5 m   15.80EUR  13.80EUR  Buy Now 
 Rex Tape Grip Universal +5°C...-20°C, 2x5 m   Rex   Rex Tape Grip Universal +5°C...-20°C, 2x5 m   15.80EUR  13.80EUR  Buy Now 
 Ski-Go Easy-Go Kickwax Minus -1°C...-15°C, 80ml   Ski-Go   Ski-Go Easy-Go Kickwax Minus -1°C...-15°C, 80ml   8.00EUR  Buy Now 
 Ski-Go Easy-Go Kickwax Plus +1°C...+10°C, 80ml   Ski-Go   Ski-Go Easy-Go Kickwax Plus +1°C...+10°C, 80ml   8.00EUR  Buy Now 
Displaying 1 to 13 (of 13 products) Result Pages:  1 
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01.Rex Tape Grip Universal +5°C...-20°C, 2x5 m
02.Rex Spray Universal Klister +10°C...-10°C, 95ml
03.Ski-Go Easy-Go Kickwax Plus +1°C...+10°C, 80ml
04.Rex Spray Grip Red +3°C...-4°C, 95ml
05.Ski-Go Easy-Go Kickwax Minus -1°C...-15°C, 80ml
06.Grip wax Vauhti GF369 Pikapito Plus + 10°...-1°C (50°...30°F), 80ml
07.Grip wax Vauhti SP712 Spray Minus -2°…-20°C (28°…-4°F), 95ml
08.Rex Rapid Grip Blue -2°C...-8°C, 60ml
09.Rex Rapid Grip Green -8°C...-20°C, 60ml
10.Rex Rapid Grip Purple +2°C...-2°C, 60ml
11.Rex Spray Grip Blue -4°C...-20°C, 95ml
SALE: Sagester Hearts modell 027+286+289
SALE: Sagester Hearts modell 027+286+289
Rex Fluor Base Oil
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